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The Biography of Charlie White

Charlie White has been a professional artist for over 30 years.

She has shown extensively throughout the greater Portland, Oregon, area, as well as in Washington, California, Montana, and in Japan. She has won numerous awards and is in private collections in central & southern California, and throughout the greater Portland and Seattle areas.

Her work is diverse and sophisticated and expresses a peaceful, meditative quality -- whether it‘s Asian- or Western-influenced. This diversity is sparked by the predominating commission work she does for her patrons and clients. Previously known for her gouache-technique watercolor, she works primarily in acrylic, oil, collage, metal-leaf & mixed mediums on canvas or paper.

Her imagery -- often involving an element of linear, quadrant, and/or grid compositions -- is Asian-influenced Koi fish, interpretations of Asian Feng Shui and I Ching philosophies, “slab“ (textured, component, chameleon-like canvases of varying sizes that hang alone or configure together), abstract landscapes, uniquely-rendered cityscapes, figurative works, and an abstract “Lips“ series which has inspired several commissions -- to name a few. Her pet portraits are exceedingly popular and well-received -- often garnering tears of joy from the pet owner upon completion.

In summary, White’s work is more interpretive (out of her head) than representationally rendered -- tho she does either well. In any case, the imagery is primarily abstract and comes, she feels, not from her, but from her as a conduit of Consciousness.


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